About Indron

Indron was founded in 2005 and has customers in America and Europe, with headquarters in Madrid, Spain. It has also created one of the first internet booking system for hotels. .

The company has extensive experience in desktop and web-based product engineering/reengineering, and showcases inhouse products ranging from developers framework to enterprise solutions to small to big size business. With an emphasise on usability in software products while using cutting-edge technologies, Indron assists customers to achieve better productivity and greater users experience.

The solutions and products from Indron are powered by research in web technologies, usability engineering, web design, artificial intelligence techniques, numerical algorithms, mathematics and statistics. The company has unit for developing generic software components and tolls based on latest progress in technology and usability landscapes.

The teams consist of highly qualified professionals with experience in technology research, software and web development for internet based applications and for mobile applications. The project teams use agile methodologies for all software and web development activities in the company.

Indron is a specialist in

  • software consulting,
  • web solutions,
  • mobile solutions,
  • telecomunications solutions and gis solutions,
  • tourism tools like booking engines,
  • and risk/business intelligence solutions.