Indron has developed and continues to develop products that can be used as components for their own applications or as a fully functional applications.


Are you looking for booking software that enables your customers to book online in your hotel?

CFBooking is a fully functional application designed for managing hotel reservations.  Your online customers and travel agents can easily quote and then book easily with the help of our powerful integrated content engine.

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CFCMS is a fully functional content management system to manage hotel website information. It´s fully integrated with CFBooking.

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Windows mobile products

Indron is rapidly developing applications on the Windows phone   platform using . Net Framework platform for our customers. If you need to develop an application you can contact us.


ExcelHelper is Microsoft Excel compatible API for .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework. With ExcelHelper you can easy create, read, modify and parse Excel workbooks without to use Microsoft Excel. The API is written in 100% managed C# code. ExcelHelper provides a complete solution for integrating Microsoft Excel data seamlessly into your applications.

ExcelHelper is a simple solution to a real business problem – the integration and use of spreadsheet data in your business applications.
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